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Jobs In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the second largest country in the Africa which is known for education and jobs in Ethiopia.

Many big industries in Ethiopia now offer a wide range of jobs.

According to Ethiopia’s job vacancy report, the availability of jobs has been growing at an exponential rate of a whopping more than 957,500 vacancies in Ethiopia. In today’s era, some jobs are in all-time demand, including Accenture Jobs, HVAC Jobs, CFA Jobs, and much more, experts have revealed.

Today, we shared the most popular jobs suggested by Ethiopian job experts, so check this page.

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Best Jobs In Ethiopia

Accenture Job in Ethiopia


Accenture is a multinational IT solution company. The founders of this company are Clarence Delany. Its headquarter is in Ireland & Dublin. This company has branches in more than 200 cities in 51 countries. It provides its Clint with services related to BPO. Some of the services and jobs that this company provides.


Advertisement  Jobs in Ethiopia:


Application services

Data Analytics




E-Commerce business

Scrum master

Product Manager

Executive Assistant

Front office assistant

Industries for which this company-

Aerospace and Defense








Capital market




Some Cities Which Have Branches of This Company


Minimum salary – 2 lakh per annum

HVAC Jobs Hawassa


The full form of HVAC is heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. A mechanical engineer specializing in heating, ventilation, and air conditioners is called HVAC mechanical engineer. And the engineer oversees the design, installation, and operation of systems that heat, cool, and ventilate indoor space. This is a job that very few people know about. In this job, the main work-related will be AC. There is a lot of fieldwork that we are going to tell you. To do a job in this field, you must have complete knowledge about the air conditioner.


Superior Plumbing & Heating




Privet software

City Home Comfort

Service Pro Group Inc

Reliance Home Comfort – Heating & Cooling

HVAC Technician

Senior Technician

HVAC Installer

Design Engineer

HVAC Assembler


CFA Jobs Oromia


The full form of CFA is Chartered Financial Analytics. These are very good opportunities for people who want to become a career in finance.

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AML/ATF Specialist

Trade Support

Management consultant

Strategy Analyst

Inside Sales Associate

Infrastructure Specialist

Corporate Development Associate

Private Client Associate

Analyst, Investments

Senior Analyst


Machine Learning Jobs in Ethiopia


Machine learning means training machines to learn, Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence in which such systems are built that collect data on their own and learn on their own. The job of a machine learning expert is to analyze statistics. Some jobs in Machine Learning


Machine Learning Engineer

Computer vision engineer

Machine learning researcher

Data scientist

Python developer

Appalled machine learning engineer

Machine learning developer

Data science intern

Machine learning operation

Artificial intelligence engineer

All engineers

AL/ML researcher engineer


Jobs in Amhara


If are you looking for jobs in Chatham cent then we are going to tell you about some jobs.


Management Positions

Client Service Associate

Sales Associate

Administrative officer

Food safety inspector

Sales representative


Digital Marketing Jobs Addis Ababa


If you have professional and technical skills, you can get very good jobs in digital marketing. In today’s time, everything has become digital, so demand is very high in this field. in Ethiopia, businesses are looking at people who are all-rounder in all these things. So you would be required to know about the content development, SEO strategy,


Assistant Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing & Analytics Intern

Digital marketing specialist

Social media marketing

Content marketing

Digital strategist

Digital strategy consultant

Marketing strategist, social

Project manager, brand

Digital designer

Marketing account manager


Software Engineer Jobs Toronto


Software engineer jobs demand is very high in India and abroad also. If there is any defect in the computer or laptop then it is rectified by the software engineer. A software engineer is known as a software developer. Some jobs are there


Associate Software Engineer

Junior Developer

Software Engineer, Back End

Software Developer

Web Developer

Junior web Developer

Software development engineer


Frontend developer


Physiotherapist Assistant Jobs in Addis Aabab


Physiotherapists are known as movement doctors. A Physiotherapist recommends home treatment like exercise, and stretching Physiotherapist is the best career in medicine so we have jobs as Physiotherapist assistants.


Physiotherapist Assistant

Physiotherapy Assistant

Rehabilitation Assistant

Exercise Instructor

Clinic Admin


Jobs in Windsor


Windsor is a very small and decent city. f you want to do a part-time job in Windsor, then you can apply in a coffee shop, dominoes, all these places. Job in Windsor is difficult but not impossible, for this you have to do hard work.


Postal Clerk

Bottling Technician

Human Resources Summer Student

Full-time Delivery Driver



Salesforce Jobs in Ethiopia


Within 19 years this company came which became the largest CRM Company. And that developed it was a cloud computing company. CRM is a Customer Relationship Management. There are 2 ways in which one developer does this and the other admin. The developer modifies the sales force and prepares its software according to the company. Salesforce provided jobs in Ethiopia –


Executive Assistant

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Consultant

Senior Salesforce Specialist

Solution Engineer

Salesforce Administrator

Senior Salesforce Administrator


Seo Jobs in Ethiopia


There is some knowledge that you must have for an SEO job. You must have knowledge of Google search engine ranking. The second is technical SEO. You should know about Google’s guidelines.


SEO Specialist

Digital Content Specialist

SEO Analyst

Junior Web Developer


Work from home jobs


In view of today’s pandemic there can be no best job from work from home. The question is, is it easy to get to work from home right now? So we will tell you about some jobs that you can do at home.


Ways to earn from home with jobs are


Data Entry


Content Writing

YouTube Videos

Online Marketing

Web development

Online Tuition


freshers people work from home to do international company in post-graduate degree and national privet limited company in work to do graduate or 12th pass out happen are compulsory and must be computer basic knowledge with which fresher earn to daily 500-1000 in 4 to 5 hrs.


Without Experience to Start Earning


Philosing do

Start your own website

Survey and review do

Be made a virtual assistant

Marketing Connection


Salary Package in Ethiopia


A person working full-time in Ethiopia normally earns an average salary of CAD 120,000 per year. The average salary in Ethiopia ranges from 30,200 CAD to 534,000 CAD. The average salary includes accommodation, conveyance, and other benefits.

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